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113 905 205 AK
New distributor. Free cleaning of dust available upon purchase and request.

Rod Bearing

111 105 707 A
71-1011 4 .25

Fuel Injector

0 280 150 112

Turn Signal Cone Lens

315 953 161 D


111 951 113 B

Main Bearing

021 198 488

Brake Light Switch

113 945 515 E

Wheel Cylinder Rubber

113 698 293

Restored German Bosch Distributor DVDA w/NOS Vacuum Canister

211 905 205 Q
Includes new vacuum canister. Distributor comes complete and is ready to be bolted onto your engine. Included with it is all new distributor cap, condenser, rotor, dust cap, and o-ring. Fully disassembled and cleaned down to the tiniest part using an ultrasonic cleanser with corrosion inhibiting agents. Checked to be in spec with a recently restored and calibrated Sun distributor testing machine. Bosch fiber washers, extra wide shims, lubricating wick and felt, and new plastic parts for the shaft washer as well as the advance weight washers have been used for rebuild. All replated parts have been zinc coated by industry leader in electroplating. This is a place where their business is electroplating (it's all they do) to ensure an even and thick coat of zinc that will last and protect. Bosch dust cap only comes with product when you select Bosch cap and rotor.

6V Starter Solenoid

0 331 302 015

Piston Ring Set

111 198 157 B